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Cesare Bonetti – A Century of Future


Cesare Bonetti, born in 1861, decides to found a small workshop for the construction of valves and cocks


With the Great War now over, Alessandro Bonetti.-the eldest Cesare s son, begins working in the Company. Thanks to his experience gained abroad, Alessandro introduces machines, principles and working of the most advanced European and LISA industrial firms


BONETTI stipulates an agreement as licensee for the production of level gauges and piston valves Alessandro Bonetti strengthens the commercial sector, and increases the number and type of customers over a more extensive territorial area.


The premises are extended and a representation and distribution network is developed throughout the entire Italian peninsula. The two sons of Alessandro, Giovanni and Giulio, enjoy the aged grandfather Cesare, still active in the Company


Giulio,Alessandro's son, enrols in the Faculty of Engineering at the Milan Polytechnic The elder Alessandro, son, Giovanni, tragically dies in 1940, swiped away by and avalanche while skiing.


The bombings over Milan of August 1943 seriously hit the Cesare Bonetti’sindustrial headquarters, causing terrible damage to plant and property. Alessandro Bonetti does not give in to despair and immediately startsrebuilding. As early as the following September he is already working full out with the help and cooperation from all his workers to repair the damage done and to get production immediately back underway.


Another bombardment has the BONETTI factory yet they all roll up them sleeves yet again and put brick back on brick. The same year Cesare Bonetti, the man who had started everything, dies.


At the end of the world conflict the Company is ready for the promising new post-war market It is even equipped with a powerful marine engine that acts as generator to compensate for the frequent black-outs that were inevitable during those years.


The construction of the present premises in Garbagnate Milanese gets underway and is completed in record time. The production plant and the commercial, administrative and general service offices are immediately transferred.


New production structures and an empowered research and development department consent to the Company to start the production of high pressure forged valves up to 4 inches, The present Bonetti production of BONT high pressure and high temperature metallic-seated forged valves now leads the world for quality. Alessandro Bonetti dies. Giulio Bonetti succeeds him in his role as President.


BONETTI deposits and extends its patents on the Magnetic -sensor level gauges worldwide Cesare Bonetti S.p.A. acquires “CMI Pasquini S.p.A.”, a firm producing cast and forged, high pressure and high temperature valves up to Class ASME 4500 and up to size 36” NB and also COMEPRE Srl., specialized in processing and welding special metals, becomes a Company member of the Group.

Two foreign branches are founded: BONETTI ARMATUREN & Co. KG,in Germany, and BONETTI AUSTRALIA Pty. Ltd., in Mornington (Victoria). Following a long experience matured at the Legal Office of an international Bank, Giuseppe Dalmasso, GiulioBonetti’s son-in-law, begins to work in the firm


Cesare Bone. spA is among the first Italian companies to be award. the ISO 9000 standard Duality Certificate The long experrence,romed to continuous R8O, leads to perf.ing and producing the best gaskets ffir valves and level indicators now available on the market A new Company, CM D Si is established for such production.
BONETTI patents and launches a series of innovative products on the market the HTB ball valves suitable from cryogenic application (-196 .C) up to +550 .C, as well as the RSS drain valves and the new series of level gauge illuminators


A “joint-venture” agreement is stipulated with the Turkish company “VALFTEK”. BONETTI continue investments in highly-sophisticated machinery to manufacture its valves and level gauges. A new Company, “Albarubens Srl” comes to life, with the aim of designing, developing and producing electronic equipment as complement to measuring instruments of Cesare Bonetti SpA.


"B0NETTI Suzhou Level Gauges P. Valves Co Ltd" owned 10056 by Bonet, is founded in China, to serve both the local market and the far-East external market


The company celebrates its first century of life. More then 350 Customers coming from all over the world, together with 450 employees and former employees of BONETTI attend to the celebrations. Elena Dalmasso, Cesare Bonetti’s great-great granddaughter, after her studies in the Faculty of Industrial Design at the Polytechnic of Milan, begins to work in the marketing office of the company.


“Williams Valves Engineering”, a Company manufacturing ball valves up to 36” acquired by BONETTI in July 2005, is merged into Bonetti Company and the production, now sold under WVEtrademarks, is transferred and settled up in Garbagnate premises.


Bonetti introduces on the market the HTL Trunion ball valve, equipped with a patented graphite/steel lamellar seat, bubble tight class VI, suitable from cryogenic application (-196 °C) up to +550 °C.


Bonetti introduces on the market the new RLG resistive electronic level indicator . A new series of LED illuminators for glass level gauges, both transparent and bicolor type, is designed and introduced in the market.


In China, Bone. Suzhou moves to e new larger and modern factory The new Company BONETTI WAAPEE India Pvt Ltd is establish. in Mumbai and starts to serve the Indian market


Bonetti patents a new metal to metal ball valve seat self adapting to any deformation of the ball raising by the very very high pressure.


Bonetti Waaree India Pvt. Ltd. has been established a World Class Valve Manufacturing facility in Vapi, Gujarat-India. Facility expanded under 40,000 Sq. M. exclusive of other administrative facilities around the factory.


WAAREE Group of companies, India acquires the Cesare Bonetti worldwide. “Bonetti Waaree India is now Cesare Bonetti India” Waaree Group has strong vision of driving the group to be an one of the biggest giant in valves and level gauges manufacturer across the globe.

We are very proud of our history

and we believe rightly so - since it with this spirit

We have progressed for a century, and it has been a century of future.

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