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Geo Thermal & Solar Thermal energy
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Geo Thermal & Solar Thermal energy

Cesare Bonetti Sp A. manufactures products specifically designed for applications in the field of solar energy concentration.

Today, the company is the only one to propose valves made with soft seats, laminated graphite / stainless steel, such as piston valves and ball valves HTB & HTL, with a performance of Class VI tightness, ideal for use starting from low temperatures (-196 ° C) up to high temperatures (550 ° C + ). The company also proposes level indicators specifically adapted for the application with the most widespread systems of heat transfer, as the Heat Transfer Oil (Oils for the exchange of heat) or Molten salts (fluoride, chloride and nitrate).

Also in this sector, the high level of specialization of CAESAR Bonetti Sp A. allows the production of tailor-made valves are designed and manufactured to meet the needs of customers and for special applications and / or criticism.

Global leaders in valves for Solar
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