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OIL& GAS – Upstream & Downstream
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OIL& GAS – Upstream & Downstream

It can be said that there is no refining company in the world that do not employ gauges CESARE Bonetti Sp A..

The company offers the broadest selection of gauges is to bypass the glass, and a magnetic century collaborates with the main players on the market and end-users, both companies engaged in refining processes. The company has worked on their side for many years and he understood their problems, needs and projects: an approach that allows to design product lines that go even beyond the expectations of customers and amount to between main suppliers.

Safety tests - conducted on the valves produced by this sector - have demonstrated the absolute safety in case of fire. valves maintain a loss rate of zero and there are no slack, allowing the plant to continue to work.

The reliability and efficiency of valves and gauges Cesare Bonetti Sp A. are known all over the world both by final consumers, both by companies, an advantage that has enabled the company to settle as a supplier of all firms in the world, operating in this sector.

The wide range of glass level indicators, magnetic and for the measurement of resistivity, ideal for all possible combinations of pressure and temperature, as well as ball valves, piston, globe, swing, gate valve and check valve are widespread both for conventional applications both in critical condition.

The company has obtained the approval of major companies and for many of them is the main supplier for quality products.

The constant commitment to research and development enables CESARE Bonetti Sp A. to offer its customers the most innovative products and highly reliable in terms of safety of the plants, people and the environment: a certified quality from test and certifications. The valves of Cesare Bonetti Sp A. are also approved for the transport of the tanks on rail LNG and LPG both at low temperatures, both at high.

Global leaders in valves for oil and gas
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