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LNG, Industrial Gases and Cryogenic
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LNG, Industrial Gases and Cryogenic

Cesare Bonetti Sp A. manufactures products specifically designed for applications in the field of liquid natural gas and cryogenics. Today the company is the only one capable of producing ball valves running floating (HTB series) or trunnion (HTL series) , a soft seat and Class VI sealing, ideal for use from very low temperatures (- 196 ° C) up to very high temperatures (550 ° C +).

The valves have been certified by the German TUV for the control of emissions and gas leaks and the BayerischesStaatsministerium Fur Arbeit Und FamilieSozialordnung for the application on the tanks for the transport by rail of pressurized gas (Butane, Propane etc.).

The company also manufactures valves for hydrogen, oxygen and other flammable and / or explosive and gauges specifically designed for application in the field of cryogenic liquids or gases, such as the typical level indicator commonly called a "large room" , which eliminates the risk of erroneous readings caused by the boiling of liquefied gases during the process.

Global leaders in valves for Lng and Cryogenic
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