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Industrial Steam & Steam Utilities
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Industrial Steam & Steam Utilities

Sector of choice for the production of CAESAR Bonetti Sp A. since 1905, the industrial steam provides low and medium pressure applications (up to PN 40 - ASME Class 300) in many industries, including textiles and pharmaceuticals, food and beverages, wood, rubber, tires, paper, soaps, plastics, etc..

The company extends the application of its products to the steam used in hospitals, construction, industrial cleaning, etc.

For all these application areas, Cesare Bonetti Sp A. manufactures valves to be installed is the source of steam, both during transport.

For water heaters, the company also offers a specific range of level indicators, both in glass (reflex, transparent and bi-color) and magnetic with specific valves for isolation application.

Global leaders in valves for Steam
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