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Fossil Fuel Power
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Fossil Fuel Power

Since 1905, Cesare Bonetti Sp A. produces valves for the production facilities of fossil energy and geothermal energy. Specifically, BONT valves, forged high pressure from ¼ ""to 4 "" ASME Class 600 to 4500, are known and appreciated all over the world. Through continuous innovation in design and production, these valves are a product of the highest standard at the forefront in terms of technology, quality and reliability.

Following the acquisition of CMI Pasquini, in 1984, the product range was expanded to CMI gate valve, globe and control large up to 48 "" . BONETTI's range has also been recently renewed with the introduction of the valves forged, particularly appreciated by customers in cases where requests are alloys such as ASTM A182 F91 or similar.

Special valves are also designed and produced for special applications in the energy industry, such as the valve system to by-pass the pre-heating, drainage valves for continuous and alternating and exhaust valves, ball valves and patented HTL for HTB 'high pressure and high temperatures, the application of which is particularly useful in systems with geothermal energy and plunger valves, ASME Class 800.

Finally, there are hundreds of glass level indicators, bi-color and high magnetic pressure, installed around the world to measure the levels of water / steam under critical conditions. has been recently produced the new electronic indicator, which measures the level on the basis the variation of resistivity: a cutting edge in the field of indicators.

Global leaders in valves for Fossil
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