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Fertilizers & Process Industry
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Fertilizers & Process Industry

Many of the production lines of valves and level indicators made by Cesare Bonetti Sp A. are commonly used in the chemical and petrochemical industry for the production of polymers, such as polyethylene, vinyl, monomers, catalysts, crystals and other derivatives.

In the case of processes that involve particularly aggressive fluids, most of the valves can be made of special materials such as Hastelloy, Incoloy, Inconel, Monel, titanium and zirconium: a high-level production of specialization ensured by Cesare Bonetti Sp A. thanks the contribution of COMEPRE Srl, a company of the group for over forty years working in the field of machining and welding of metal artefacts in particular, what exactly titanium, tantalum, zirconium, nickel alloys and steel and aluminum, high mechanical .

The gauges can be made, in addition to the above materials, also in reinforced plastic material, if necessary, with steel or stainless steel in the parts not in contact with the fluids.

Cesare Bonetti Sp A. provides valves for air-UREA or processes related to oxygen, hydrogen and other gases.

Global leaders in valves for Chemicals
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